Peggys in A Lonely Room

Inspired by Edward Hopper’s Conference at Night, 1949. Strong contrasts, the powerful light of the window, two shimmering figures replace the dialogue of Conference. Out of focus, fuzzy dresses, perhaps made of fuzzy fabric, envelop the figures in a warmth protective against the rooms colder hues representing the starkness and loneliness of modern urban life.  SOLD


Peggys in A Lonely Room, acrylics on paper, 11.5*16.5′, 30*42 cm  SOLD

Peg Visits the Nighthawk Bar

Based on Hopper’s “Nighthawk,” I put stylized versions of Peg in the bar.  

Pegs in Night Hawk Bar, acrylics on paper, 11.5*16.5′, 30*42 cm SOLD

Peg in Scene from ‘Water’

I took a scene from The Shape of Water and placed fantasy images of my wife into the scene.  It’s moody yet comforting simultaneously.  

Peg in a Hopper Scene,

Peg in a Hopper Scene, 11.5*16.5′, 30*42 cm acrylics on paper.  SOLD