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Kiev roofsstare miasto smallPeg in Vincent's  WheatfieldClose Upfive players yellow backbroundBass Fiddles and Musesband at el carmen smallWomen, with TowelAt the Cafe, Cathedral of MallorcaCouple Views EclipseA Storm BrewsDaavia, SingerPeg on Van Gogh's ChairPeg in Gary's Dress DesignLech Walensa As Young ManAndrea in ValenciaWith Friends in Cabañal, SpainCouple in VilniusMalbork Castle, watercolorField and Stream, Lublin, Poland





I am honored to have a new representative.  DAC (Design Art Concepts) is a Miami based gallery.  They offer artworks online as well as through shows.  They sell online through artsy.net, an invitation only online gallery.  See my works at DAC


My paintings are generally expressionistic and may have abstract elements such as what you see in “Women, With Towel.”  I do watercolor as well as pen and ink drawings.   I use both hands simultaneously to create the pen and ink drawings.   I create the music drawings in the audience, creating impressions of people, instruments and space.  Some of my work is travel related, such as Russian Faces and Heart of Lightness from my travels in Africa.  My work is  held by collectors in  Europe, the US and New Zealand.  


I have a series inspired by Hopper and another by Van Gogh, two music series (one in acrylics and another in pen and ink), a series called Enamorado con Amor (In Love with Love), and various depictions from our travels all over Europe including our extensive stays in Rome, Paris, Valencia, Holland, and multiple cities in Poland. Some of these are in watercolor, others in pen and ink in addition to acrylics.   I trained with Bua, New Masters Academy, Darrel Tank, the Corcoran, as well as with Tereasa Ruiz de Lobera and briefly with Tona Calderon.


I blog from most of my travel locations.  Click on “blog”  above.  Please leave comments and questions on any of the posts.  I have a chat feature and  will reply if I am online.


To purchase


For price and shipping information see DAC or To Purchase.  Some works have direct links so you can pay via PayPal.  If you purchase through Saatchi and ship and bill within the US, you can get financing.    I do not upload everything to their site but if you want to buy through them contact me and I will make sure the piece is there and will give you a link so you can easily find it.  


We travel extensively.  The blog is most about these travels, predominantly in Europe.  I share my observations and photos as well as my drawings and paintings, and illustrated books. 

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  1. Hi Gary
    Trying to send you an email to the email address on your business card, but they bounce. Could you send me the right address, so I can email you.
    Elisabeth ( crew boat moored in Haarlem)

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