Kiev roofsStare Miasto, WarsawCouple on Sofa, 1.5m x .95m, 57 x 37" acrylics on canvasPegs in Night Hawk BarCouple Views EclipsePeg in a Hopper SceneA Storm BrewsDaavia, SingerWoman in GreensClose UpPeg in Vincent's  WheatfieldPeg on Van Gogh's ChairPeg in Gary's Dress DesignRobert MuellerShe's A LookerLech Walensa As Young ManAndrea in ValenciaEgyptian Woman, acrylics,SratchyCarol   --- 1954-2018Hungarian Woman IIWith Friends in Cabañal, SpainCouple in VilniusMaria Linares,  pianist,Church at Avers sur OiseMalbork Castle, watercolorField and Stream, Lublin, Poland



My paintings are expressionistic with abstract elements such as what you see in “Women, With Towel.”  I use both hands simultaneously to create the pen and ink drawings.   I do the music drawings in the audience, creating impressions of people, instruments and space.  Some of my work is travel related, such as Russian Faces and Heart of Lightness from my travels in Africa.  I blog from most of my travel locations.  Click on “blog”  above.  Sign up to get email posts.  Most people choose to be on my private mailing list.  That way you get short introductions to the piece and not just the piece.  Please leave comments and questions on any of the posts.  I have a chat feature and  will reply if I am online.


Women, with Towel, cataracts (acrylics), A3/8.3 x 11.5" on high quality paper
Women, with Towel, cataracts (acrylics), A3/8.3 x 11.5″ on high quality paper

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Peg in a Hopper Scene,
Peg in a Hopper Scene, 11.5*16.5′, 30*42 cm acrylics on paper.













Roof of Kiev, acrylics on paper, 11.5*16.5′, 30*42 cm






















For further Many paintings have a purchase link.  If you do not see one just get in touch and I will provide the information you need.  If you purchase through Saatchi and ship and bill within the US, you can get financing.   Click here for more info.   I do not upload everything to their site but if you want to buy thro

Self Portrait at Wine Fest, Valencia
Self Portrait at Wine Fest, Valencia, pastel

ugh them contact me and I will make sure the piece is there and will give you a link so you can easily find it.  




We travel extensively.  The blog is most about these travels, predominantly in Europe.  I share my observations and photos.

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