Peg and Sari

Peg and Sari

A Fauvish and expressionistic piece about the close relationship between the women.  The visual weight of the red hair flows into the complements of yellow and blue, grounding the composition.  Free flowing strokes and strong colors.

Peg and Sari: ¬°Amigas Para Siempre! acrylics on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, 16 x 20″

Woman in the Dark

Several portraits | portraits of women

Woman in the Dark
Woman in the Dark, acrylics, A4, 8 .25 x 11.5″

Study of Woman chiaroscuro
Study of Woman chiaroscuro, acrylics, A4, 8 .25 x 11.5″

Study of Woman in chiarscuro
Study of Woman in chiarscuro, acrylics, A4, 8 .25 x 11.5″


Double Take, portrait
Double Take, portrait, acrylics, A4, 8 .25 x 11.5″


Staute at Chiesa San Ignacio

Some classical style drawing, da Roma | classical drawing

July 7, 2017

When in Rome, draw as the Romans draw.  There’s so much to emulate!  Here are some statues and models I have drawn these past two weeks




Video slide show of my art 2011-mid Oct 2012

Hope you enjoy!

The song is called ‘Oh Brother.”


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