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Video slide shows from a small village in Zambia- my favorite part of the journey


These photos are from our June 2014 visit to Zambia.  Our nephew is serving in the Peace Corps, following his brother in el Salvador and us in Panama.  The drawings in the video are from my journal, which I will publish.   This was my favorite part of the journey.  As spectacular as the animals were, as great as Victoria Falls was, this was more meaningful, touching me profoundly.

Here’s a people with so little in material goods who are just above subsistence and yet they expressed such joy at our arrival and for the next three days of our time there.




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Videoslideshow- Chobe River and Park, Botswana, Our Safari

This is a slide show from our safari in Chobe National Park, Botswana, not far from Livingstone, Zambia.  Half of the time is on the river and the rest on land.  Some close ups of quite a few critters.    No paintings in this one.  I have not yet completed them and it will be a while.







To see the pieces I have done to date (July 19, 2014) click on the following link: http://www.garyjkirkpatrick.com/

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