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Young singer poses

I have not seen her since she was 12.  Quite the transformation.  Here she is made up for a singing performance.   Both she and her sister are musicians.   $60 Giclee print (highest quality available), signed 1 of 100   Unlimited edition $35 12″ x 16″/ 30 cm x 40 cm high quality paper, printed signature 

Xylophone Player at the Palau

Xylophone Player at the Palau

Xylophone Player at the Palau Xylophone player at the Palau de la Musica, Valencia, Spain.  Fun house floor suggests a departure from every day reality, meeting with the muse, traveling to the realm of creativity.   Comments from my Facebook timeline July 24, 2016 Marti: Loved it Gary! Sandra: This is fabulous Gary! Carol: I love the energy.

Bass Fiddles and Muses | Palau de la Musica

Part of the Palau de la Music Series.  Muses prepare the stage and the instruments for the performance so musicians step into the realm of creativity.    

Palau de la Musica Small Stage

Another in the series of paintings based on drawings done at the Palau de la Musica in Valencia, Spain.  The audience waits expectantly as the musicians arrive.  Valencia has a long and powerful tradition of symphonic bands and offer many free concerts each year.  This is a smaller hall and here you can listen to

Two Brown Bass Fiddles at the Palau | Painting of bass fiddles

Two Brown Fiddles

Two Brown Bass Fiddles at the Palau This started life as a drawing at Palau de la Musica.  I enlarged the original, a tiny 2 x 4″ and put it on the canvas board, then painted in with acrylics.  See also Two Fiddles at the Palau, a version of this based on the very same drawing.  

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