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More drawings from my little notebook | impressionistic pen and ink drawings

Young Woman Smiling, 13.8 c 8.5 cm, 4.5 inches by 5.5, inches, ink

I always carry a small notebook with me. If I am sitting around and see something or someone interesting, I give it a go.  Here are some recent ones.         These miniatures are just $50 each.  Prints too.

Dancing Couples (pen and ink miniatures) | dance pen and ink drawing

Two miniatures cover the theme of dancing couples.  The second is based on Rustemul, a dance my wife and I did for a fair she helped organize in Panama.  We served there as Peace Corps volunteers.  $50 each or prints (see the “To Purchase” tab at top of each post)

Couple Snuggles on Sofa, acrylic painting | Couple Snuggles on Sofa painting

Couple Snuggles on Sofa, acrylics, A3/8.3 x 11.5" on high quality paper

Enamorado con Amor/In Love with Love continues with this expressionistic piece.  Without love what kind of creatures would we be?    The background is heavily textured, applied with a knife.  Strong colors fore and aft with strong highlights on the sofa and edges of the figures.     Coupleg  

Go, Figures | Clothed and naked model painting

Go Ffigures - detail

Go, Figures   Go, Figures started life as a regular modeling session but in acrylics, not the usual way to go.  It evolved into this.  The background is inspired by František Kupka’s Mme Kupka (1910). He was a Czech artist and she his wife. I saw the painting at the Nieu Gallery in NYC, at

Bass Violin Player | Bass Violin Player painting

Bass Violin Player

Bass Violin Player   Continuing the exploration of music related themes, here I add the movement of the arm and the swing of the leg to contrast with the movement in the background. This is acrylics on paper. The curvaceous movement of the leg ties with the curve of the contrabass, as they seem to

Video: Paintings and Drawings Done at Palau de la Musica | music paintings

Singer Sax Drummer detail 2

The paintings and drawings in this video slide show were done at Palau de la Musica, Valencia.  They explore the state of mind we experience as music transports us to a semi dream-like state.  The paintings and drawings in this video slide show were done at Palau de la Musica, Valencia.  They explore the state

Palau de la Musica– Section of the Band

Palau de Musica Circular Stage

This takes place in the music hall in the lower level of the Palau de la Musica, in Valencia, Spain.  It is one of only three remaining in a large series of paintings.  They originate with miniature pen and ink drawings done in the audience at the Palau.  They explore the state of mind we

In The Club | Jazz musicians painting

In The Club

In The Club A night club scene, in fantasy.      

Two Brown Bass Fiddles at the Palau | Painting of bass fiddles

Two Brown Fiddles

Two Brown Bass Fiddles at the Palau This started life as a drawing at Palau de la Musica.  I enlarged the original, a tiny 2 x 4″ and put it on the canvas board, then painted in with acrylics.  See also Two Fiddles at the Palau, a version of this based on the very same drawing.  

Self Portrait

Self Portrait of My Own Self With Shaved Head  I shaved my head because I had so little hair left anyway.  It was nonetheless a shock to see myself in the mirror, looking so unlike me.  No one else seems to think so.

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