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Peg and Sari

Peg and Sari

A Fauvish and expressionistic piece about the close relationship between the women.  The visual weight of the red hair flows into the complements of yellow and blue, grounding the composition.  Free flowing strokes and strong colors.        

Hungarian Woman

Intelligent, widely read, art aficionado, speaks multiple languages, resident of Paris and a friend since 2000.   $60 Giclee print (highest quality available), signed 1 of 100               Unlimited edition $35 12″ x 16″/ 30 cm x 40 cm high quality paper, printed signature     

Artemesia Gentileschi, one of the best painters of the 1600’s and among the world’s best | Artemesia Gentileschi

Artemesia Gentileschi, one of few women painters in the 1600’s, and among the finest of either sex. Born in Florence in the Baroque era, Artemesia (1593 – c. 1656) was one of the finest painters of her day, and the only one of her sex to achieve recognition.  She was the first woman to become a member

Portrait of Young Siberian Woman | Portrait of Young Siberian Woman

Young Siberian Woman

Some of the people from the far north are ghost like as they roam the streets of St Petersburg.  This young woman is from Siberia.   

Portrait of Russian Man with Hat | Russian Man portrait

Russian Man detail


Woman Reclines

Woman Reclines, acrylics, A3, 30 x 42 cm, 11.5 x 16"

Woman Reclines Woman Reclines == the woman is my Panamanian friend Vicky    

Women, with Towel

Women, with Towel shows another in the mirror.  Meanwhile, another appears in outline, derived from the Portrait of a Young Woman,  

Panamanian Woman as Goth | Portrait of Panamania Woman as Goth

Panamania Woman as Goth, detail

Panamanian Woman as Goth This is another version of my Panamanian friend.  She was one of our Spanish teachers – they called them facilitators as they did not do formal teaching as much as immersion.  Always friendly and in a great mood.  It was only in the past year I learned she had trained as

Panamanian Women in Multi Color | Portrait of Panamanian woman

Panamanian Women in Multi Color

This is another version of my Panamanian friend.   The background is inspired by František Kupka’s Mme Kupka (1910).  He was a Czech artist and she his wife.  I saw the painting at the Nieu Gallery in NYC, at a special exhibit that included some of Klimt’s famous paintings.            

Panamanian Woman II

This is another version of Panamanian Woman.  I got to know my Panamanian friend when we lived in Panama when we were in the Peace Corps.  We lived and worked in the mountains and got to know quite a few people in that coffee producing community.    

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