It seems I can not remember to both zipper up and do anything else all in the same day.  Today I remembered to zipper up so something had to give.  We were already on the tram heading for Santa Maria in Trastevere when I learned what it was.  My weekly transport pass.  It was not in my back pocket where I put it yesterday.  Of course the time to check this sort of thing is after you leave the house and get on the thing you need the pass for.

I hopped off the tram as Peg said something about Santa Maria, hopped onto the next one going back to the flat to see if perchance I’d left it there.  It took me a few minutes to notice the large group of ticket checkers standing just a few feet away.  Fortunately they were chatting with one another so I hopped off and got on the next one.   All this was for naught as I did not find the pass in the flat.

In the meantime Peg continued on to Termini station to find a bus map.  The ones that purported to be bus maps at the newspaper stands do not have any bus routes on them.  We were then going to continue on towards the Etruscan museum at Villa Giulia.   I waited for her where I got off.  It was over an hour when she showed up, walking from the opposite direction.  She had said that we were to meet at Santa Maria in Trastevere.  I’d checked there once while waiting but she was not there.  At least we only lost 15 minutes which after over an hour in the cold but sunny weather was not too bad.  But by this time it was the lunch hour so it was time for us to fight about where we are to eat.   Peg has decided that if I don’t chose I’ll get mad if it doesn’t work out.  This, of course, made me mad.

Tomorrow I leave with the zipper down.