October 2014


Here are a few photos of our place in Rome.  The Pigneto neighborhood is a bit edgy.  There are quite a few buildings needing total renovation and quite a few have been redone.  The new metro line is coming to the area but still the city neglects it a bit so the streets are not being swept and there are not enough trash bins.  There seems to be a mix of the very poor and the upwardly mobile (well, maybe not mobile).  There is a short walk to three tram lines and several buses.  To get anywhere seems to take an hour unless you are just going to Termini, the central rail station.  But from there you can get most anywhere.

The house is on two levels.  On the upper level is a large deck, the kitchen, bath and bedroom with the queen size bed.  On the lower level is a large living room (where I paint and Peg works), a bathroom and a smaller bedroom.

There are steps everywhere.  Two steps to go on the deck, two to go to the master bedroom.  Downstairs you step up to go into the bathroom and down again to the sink area and down again to the toilet.  To the bedroom downstairs you go down a step.  There are light switches galore, confusing but there is plenty of good lighting.

The kitchen features a 5 burner stove (2 of which are not working), and a decent sized refrigerator.  There is a dining table there, one on the deck and a third on the lower level.  The entrance leads to a patio with a wide door as well as sliding glass doors.

It’s a super place with some strange features in an iffy area.  Overall one of the best places we’ve lived in, although the internet has been a bit iffy.


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