Our father’s military interment

My father Frank died in 1993 and his cremated remains have been in a funeral home until my sister discovered them and then arranged for a military burial.  He was a WWII soldier, in the Quartermaster’s unit as I recall, a T-5 meaning he was a vehicle mechanic.

Here is a video of the event.  It is a very touching moment.

Frank Kirkpatrick’s military internment in Florida

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  1. Ruth Crocker says:

    Gary: Was this just today in Florida with your sister? Or in the past (and you were there also in Fla?)That is so poignant…seeing it today when I have already heard “taps” several times. A T-5 may also have been Tech. Sgt. 5th Class, which is pretty high. That is what they had when Roger was in Army in 1966-68 during VietNam; course we had to “suffer” through Hawaii (lived in Waikiki)for one year, 2 blocks from beach. He worked part time at Hilton Hawaiian Village in kitchen; Don Ho performed at hotel; one day Roger said he saw him getting into limo; I asked him, “what did you say?” Roger: “Hi, Ho!” (he was kidding.)

    • panamapg says:

      I flew to Florida for this. I think it was last fall, same time as my mother’s good bye party aka funeral. I didn’t know you lived in Hawaii!

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