Welcome to my website!  Here I share both my travel posts as well as the art I produce.  My paintings and pen and ink drawings are figurative although there might be abstracts elements such as what you see in Women, With Towel below.  I use both hands, simultaneously sometimes, to create the pen and ink drawings, employing a brush with water reservoir and a pen.  The brush creates shadows, spaces, and suggested forms.  The music drawings are done while in the audience and offer suggestions or impressions of people,  instruments and space.  Some of my work is travel related, such as Russian Faces (Art/Russian Faces).

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Women, with Towel, cataracts (acrylics), A3/8.3 x 11.5" on high quality paper

Women, with Towel, cataracts (acrylics), A3/8.3 x 11.5″ on high quality paper


I seek casual elegance, in movement, in the planes and forms of face and the body, as well as in a scene, groups of people conversing in bars and cafes, musicians playing and dancers dancing, the crowds where we walk and watch and wait, in my friends and loved ones, perhaps in a poor elderly woman struggling to survive, in architecture, ruins or even just some scattered boulders.