Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern art — the official title excludes ‘art.’   I went there today.  It’s a 20 minute walk from our place.  On the way I came across some sort of angry crowd scene.  The cops had just arrived when I heard what sounded like 4 gunshots.  I retreated and crossed the street.  A security … Read moreIstanbul Modern

Turkey, part 3 1998

Turkey, continued 06/02/98 Selcuk Yesterday we checked into a hotel ($16) and spent the day just walking and hanging about, reading, etc. Today we visited Selcuk, also called Ephesus V, the fifth and final site of the town of Ephesus.  It is named for the Selcuks, who were a tribe from Central Asia, as were … Read moreTurkey, part 3 1998

Turkey part 2

Turkey, cont’d The marina and its stray cats On the boat Jolly St. Nicholas Spear Chucker Kale Staying in a chimney Ka Stunning views from the amphitheater Cruise ends Kushadasi and the Caravansary 10 on a scale of 10, the ancient city Ephesus Squatters’ rights The mother of all meals Kusadasi Observations 5/23/98 Antalya and … Read moreTurkey part 2

Turkey: the glorious explorations of our history, 5/98

Turkey Topkapi Palace Seeing the Black Sea Agatha slept here The people The land of the zeros The economy The food Roman aqueduct Turkey: Our life in ruins Some important facts It’s those Celts again! 05/16/98 Istanbul Here’s us in beautiful Istanbul.  And here’s us in impoverished Istanbul.  We are staying in a two star … Read moreTurkey: the glorious explorations of our history, 5/98

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