Spain, the last two weeks and on to Turkey

Spain, the last two weeks 05/01-03/98 Galicia: The Celtic province David arrived on the first and somehow he and Peg did not see each other at the airport.  Eventually we got connected. This morning, delightful Emilia takes us to the bus for Galicia, leaving from near Plaza de España.  The bus ride lasts from 10:45 … Read moreSpain, the last two weeks and on to Turkey

Spain 4/98

Spain, cont’d 4/01/98 Travel plans are becoming the main topic of conversation.  I wanted to go to SE Asia earlier this year but Peg was not enthused.  However, we are going to Central Europe (fka Eastern Europe).  The route: fly/take train into Sofia, Bulgaria or Istanbul, whichever has the best deal from Madrid.  Bulgaria, Rumania, … Read moreSpain 4/98

Spain 3/98

Spain, continued 3/1/98 El Museo Carralbo El Museo Carralbo is a private collection in a mansion near the Plaza de España, which is in the central part of Madrid.  The collection was gathered largely by Don Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa, el XVIII Marquis de Carralbo (1845-1922). I bet introducing him required years of spokesmodel … Read moreSpain 3/98

Spain 2/98

Spain, continued 2/1/98 Siguenza Siguenza is a beautiful medieval town.  All its streets are narrow and cobble-stoned.  Its cathedral was begun around 1150 and finished in the early 16th century.  It has a beautiful, thin arch in front of a main (if not the main) entrance.  Nearby is a castle, now a Parador (formerly state-run … Read moreSpain 2/98

Spain 1/98

Spain (continued) 1/1/98 Last night people crowded into Puerta del Sol.  The custom here is to eat a grape with each stroke of the clock at midnight.  We did not stay awake to see it. Reflections on the year Tradition calls for reflection on the past year.  Since this has been a special year for … Read moreSpain 1/98

Spain October 30, 1997-November, 1997

Spain October 30, 1997-November, 1997 Alice in Spain Elsie in the circus The Rastro How much things cost Mind Boggling Days of Exploration Segovia El Escorial (The Slag Heap, The Escarole) Back in Segovia, on to Pedraza Observations about Madrid 10/30/97 We are up at 2:00 a.m. to catch the 3:00 a.m. train out of … Read moreSpain October 30, 1997-November, 1997

Spain (continued) To the End of the Known World, And Beyond

Spain (continued) To the End of the Known World, And Beyond 12/3/97 The next four days would turn out to be the best touring I ever have experienced.  Not only was the company delightful, but the places we visited were stunning, even more so than the ones we have been visiting in the area near … Read moreSpain (continued) To the End of the Known World, And Beyond

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