My dinner with Ghislane

We were invited for a rare event amongst the French- dinner chez eux, at their place.  I  thought you’d like to know what that was like. We went into the cold clear night to take the short bus ride to Ghislane’s, a bit over a mile so a nice walk in the daylight or on … Read moreMy dinner with Ghislane

Catalan group makes a pyramid, traditional music

?Catalan groups makes pyramid, Palais Royale, Paris September 10, 2011 Sorry for the shakiness near the beginning.  Was looking for my glasses.

Us in Brittany (a short video)

We spent four days in Brittany walking around Dinan, Lohan, Saint Malo and Dinard in July, 2011. Most of the images are from Dinan.  The weather was sunny but chilly, better than rainy and cold.  Dinan is a friendly feeling place, not entirely a tourist town, and we lodged here.  The Tudor architecture is a … Read moreUs in Brittany (a short video)

To Sancerre and Dijon

June 2011 We had to vacate our temporary apartment in the 6th, which we renovated several years ago and which is owned by two of our friends.  They had some paying guests coming and then their daughters were to stay for a weekend.  We took a week to visit friends in the south.  Sally lives … Read moreTo Sancerre and Dijon

Paris Connections

Paris has become familiar.  The first time you come to any city there is so much to absorb and you are rather lost, your nose planted in the skimpy map in the guide book when your eyes are not taking in the sites.  But we’ve been here before and we’re back because it is a … Read moreParis Connections

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