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Panama 2013

Visiting our host family

During our 10 week Peace Corps training we stayed with Junior and Margareta in the small town of Santa Clara in the township of Arriajan (there are several towns named Santa Clara in the country).    We finally made it… Continue Reading →

Museums in Panama- and in one, a story of prostate exams for 45,000 men   There are not a great many museums in Panama.  We went to the Contemporary Art Museum, from which most of these photos come.   I have labeled the photos so you know where they were taken. The art… Continue Reading →

Visiting our host family in Panama

September 5, 2013 During the Peace Corps training period, volunteers in Panama stay with a host family.  We returned to Santa Clara in the area known as Ariajan, just outside the capitol. This small community has seen many groups of… Continue Reading →

A Visit With Fundiceep (the most important environmental organizations in the Highlands)

September 3 2013 Cerro Punta lies at an altitude of about 2000 meters (6500 feet) very close to the Biological Corridor.,_Chiriqu%C3%AD Fundiccep ( is an environmental organization whose headquarters has been in this town for 20 years.   We… Continue Reading →

Our Peace Corps projects in Santa Clara continue

September 3, 2013 During our visit to our Peace Corps community Santa Clara, in the highlands of Panama between Volcan and Rio Sereno, we learned the status of the projects we helped start. 1) The annual fair, first in 2010… Continue Reading →

Threats to the coffee crop and possible solutions

Coffee grown in the highlands and perhaps elsewhere are subject to attacks by insects as well as molds and fungus.  The current threat is a fungus, I believe.  Since the 1980’s the ‘cafeteros’ (coffee farmers) here have mostly used harsh… Continue Reading →

Visiting Lito’s coffee plantation in Santa Clara, Panama (photos)   September 2, 2013   Here’s the link to 21 photos we’ve taken over the past few days, focusing on the coffee plantation of the Lito Lezcano family.   I’ve commented on the photos.

From Boca Brava   Boca Brava-  there be whales nearby in quantity!   We are here for the second time.  About 3 and a bit years ago  the Peace Corps regional leader, a wonderful young woman named Abby (now a PC volunteer… Continue Reading →

Panama City- A day in the vapor

Here are the photos that go with this story.  It will open in a new tab. After our late night I got up at an unglodly early hour, since my clock was an hour off, and waited for everyone… Continue Reading →

From Panama

We flew last night to Panama.  We served in the Peace Corps here 2009-2010  and wrote about it here (there are links to the right).   In the community where we lived on the Costa Rican border they produce some… Continue Reading →

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