Ready to eat! Morelian Every Day Cuisine

Just one minute from our front door is a ‘Cocina Economica’ (literally ‘Economical Kitchen). Similar places are called ‘Cocina Casera’ and ‘Comida Corrida.’ At this one, for 30 pesos (a bit over $2.00) you get soup, main course with rice and beans, and a beverage (a watery but tasty juice). The main course, called ‘el … Read moreReady to eat! Morelian Every Day Cuisine

Morelia, Mexico Part II

Last night, we went to a performance that is part of a three-day modern choreography workshop going on here.  Young choreographers from all over Mexico have brought their students to present certain dances.  There are 6 1-hour performances over three days, in two theatres.  Last night, we went to a sort of “black-box” theatre – … Read moreMorelia, Mexico Part II

Morelia, Mexico 2009 Part I

Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico April 17, 2009 Morelia Charming and Entertaining (We spent two months in Morelia in 2009 waiting for our Peace Corps stint to begin in August.  Definitely cheaper to get medical care there.  We needed some things attended to b before the PC would fly us to Panama). Morelia is a charming city.  … Read moreMorelia, Mexico 2009 Part I

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