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The Specter of Russia

Here we are in Vilnius | Vilnius

After a few days in the Latvian countryside, Kuldiga being of most interest, we hopped the bus taking us from Riga to Vilnius, the only Baltic republic we have yet to visit.  It’s a four-hour drive in the cold gray… Continue Reading →

Artemesia Gentileschi, one of the best painters of the 1600’s and among the world’s best | Artemesia Gentileschi

Artemesia Gentileschi, one of few women painters in the 1600’s, and among the finest of either sex. Born in Florence in the Baroque era, Artemesia (1593 – c. 1656) was one of the finest painters of her day, and the only one… Continue Reading →

Riga, Latvia- the week in review | Riga visit

October 19, 2017 We are hours away from leaving.  There is a special city filled with a special people, who threw off the yoke of Soviet rule, after having been invaded by the Nazis then crushed by the Soviet system,… Continue Reading →

Dining in Stockholm | Swedish Cuisine

Here’s another cuisine surprise – Swedish is more than meatballs and pickled herring.  And even these plebeian offerings are delightfully presented.                     The cuisine centers around sour cream and other cultured… Continue Reading →

The Treasures of Stockholm | Stockholm visit

Just a two hour flight from St Petersburg and an hour to Riga, Stockholm is built upon a scad of islands (17 in all) with a wealth of architecture set against a slew of harbors, lakes and canals, with much… Continue Reading →

Art Nouveau architecture in Riga, capitol of Latvia

October 13, 2017 The main style of building in Riga is Art Nouveau.  There are more buildings in this style in Riga than anywhere in the world, making Riga a major destination for aficionados of the style.  Here are some excellent… Continue Reading →

Russ folk dance, videoed in St Petersburg Russia | Russian folk dance

Oct 1, 2017 We happened across the stage and saw the dancers waiting to come on, so we stayed. Excellent group!  

Animations of paintings hanging in the Errata Museum (Contemporary Art, St Petersburg Russia) | Errata Museum

These are fun and creative animations of paintings hanging in the Errata Museum (Contemporary Art, St Petersburg Russia) which we visited recently.  You see about several paintings.  The second is an installation, not an animation.    Enjoy!!    

Dining in St Petersburg, Russia | Russian cuisine

I should have been surprised about how much I would enjoy Russian cuisine, and I would have been had I thought about it all.  Who goes to Russia for the food?  Most come for the Hermitage, as I was.   One… Continue Reading →

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