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During a summer in Rome I spent many hours doing pen and ink drawings of some of the most fabulous and sculptures.  Here are a few. This magnificent piece was discovered in 1885 at the Quirinali Palace, one of two unrelated sculptures carefully buried there and discovered within a month of one another.    The … Read moreMore from Roma

Travis in Zambia

In Holland: a friendly generous gesture

I took the the first two photos in Friesland, which is in the north and most rural part of Holland.   We saw perhaps 6 of these older wind mills, some of them still at work. We stopped for coffee. There were four older men playing cards and after we got our coffee, the waitress showed … Read moreIn Holland: a friendly generous gesture

Chateau des Tourelles and the Mill, Vernon, France

The story book castle in Vernon   $60 Giclee print (highest quality available), signed 1 of 100            Unlimited edition $35 12″ x 16″/ 30 cm x 40 cm high quality paper, printed signature                 The Mill in Vernon,  on the Seine  $60 Giclee print … Read moreChateau des Tourelles and the Mill, Vernon, France

Vernon, castle on the Seine

Vernon is in Normandy on the Seine downstream from Paris.  It’s castle, built in 1204, served to protect Paris.  The mill ground flour, which could then be readily transported on the Seine.  It is a very short distance to Giverny, where Monet established his studio and residence.  There is also a museum of Impressionists.     … Read moreVernon, castle on the Seine

Charmed again: my dinner with Agnes

I find our evenings with friends in Paris especially charming.  Could it be the views?    Tonight, yes, with a balcony facing the Tour Eiffel at night when the weather permits an open window to the balcony.  The Tour flashes at night and the searchlight on top spins 360 degrees.   Could it be the … Read moreCharmed again: my dinner with Agnes

Zambia, a short illustrated book about our visit to a small village

Travis' Hut in Zambia (sold)

We flew with friends to Dar Es Salaam, the capitol of Tanzania, to go by train to Zambia.  The train trip was an adventure of its own.   Our destination was a tiny village where our nephew Travis worked as a Peace Corps volunteer, helping the locals build a damn for their fish farm.  


Bonjour de Paris! Flew here on Monday from Ukraine’s beautiful capital. Staying at a friend’s house while she is visiting family in the US. Yesterday we went to Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. There is a community of retired barge owners and workers, and the boarding school for the children of same, still in operation. There are lovely views … Read moreConflans-Sainte-Honorine

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