Pond in Zaandam

Zaandam is a town near Amsterdam pieced by a canal.  It is most famous for paintings of houses by Monet when he lived there, and the chocolate factories, of which one remains flooding the area with its lovely aroma.  Here’s a scene from near where we lived.



Pond in Zaandam, acrylic, A3, 16.5 x 11.7"
Pond in Zaandam, acrylic, A3, 16.5 x 11.7″


Detailed views:  


Small Paintings of Geithoorn

These are small pen and ink or water-color paintings from our visit to Geithoorn, a village where you can get around only by canal.  It’s one of the most picturesque villages on earth.  It was founded by Italians.  For availability and prints please contact me at info@garyjkirkpatrick.com whatsapp +34 658 744 302
Geithoorn: Boat Nears Bridge, water-color, 4″ x 6″
Giethoorn 3 bridges water-color, postcard
Giethoorn: Two Houses, pen and ink 4″ x 6″




Canal in Geithoorn, pen and ink, approx size 4″ x 6″







Geithoor Canal, pen and ink 4″ x 6″

Viking in Dokkum

This is our summer ‘home’ for the next few years.  It’s a 12 meter Dutch motoryacht built in 1996 with a beautiful interior crafted by the original owner from whom we purchased it.  We have not been to Dokkum yet with this boat.  I used a photo of our first Dutch boat Caprice which we did sail to this small town in Friesland.  

Viking in Dokkum, water color, 8 x 8″

View of Canal, Giethoorn (acrylics)

Giethoorn is a tiny village in the Nederlands. In town there are canals and walking paths only. The houses have thatched roofs. It’s a magical place.

View of Giethoorn (acrylics)  A3 16.5 x 11.5"
View of Giethoorn (acrylics) A3 16.5 x 11.5″

Sketches of the Dutch

Here are some drawings and sketches of the Dutch.


Young Dutch Man (pencil)
Young Dutch Man (pencil)


Rembrandt in Hat (from a self portrait) ink
Rembrandt in Hat (from a self portrait) ink





Dutch Man (pen and ink)
Dutch Man (pen and ink)


dutch girl on train
Dutch Girl on Train



woman in bar zaandam (mini)
Woman in Bar, Zaandam (mini)


Dutch man
Dutch man



detoog eet cafe man taking bite (mini)
Detoog Eet Cafe- man taking bite (mini)




Cheers (mini)


Tall Ships 2015:  Miniatures Paintings and Drawings

[box]Every 5 years 3-5 masted sailing ships, most of them training vessels, come to Amsterdam.  We sat on the side of the North Sea Canal where I sketched.  And ate pofertjes!  (Small pancakes).   Here are my drawings and paintings from that event[/box]

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