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Pechersk Lavra

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Pechersk Lavra  is also called the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves.  It is an Orthodox Christian monastery located on the cliffs overlooking the Dnieper River in Kiev.  There are extensive caves which were occupied by monks.  There are beautiful church domes.


Pechersk Lavra, Kiev monastery, digital painting, prints


Giclee print (highest quality available), 12 x 16″, 30 x 40 cm, signed 1 of 100 $60


Unlimited edition, 12 x 16″, 30 x 40 cm, high quality paper, printed signature $35


Woman in a Van Gogh Field

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I joined with two other artists in Valencia to hire a model with whom we enjoyed working.  She is able to hold long poses.  Over three hours I painted her in acrylics and later added the clothing and background.   I took as inspiration for the background the landscape paintings of Van Gogh, with a twist.

Woman In a Van Goghish Field, 75 x 36 cm, 30 x 14″ acrylics on paper

Chiesa San Agostino and Oratorio della SS. Carita di San Piedro

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Oratorio della SS. Carita di San Piedro is a small church originally connected to a secular effort to raise funds for the ransom the religious abducted by pirates. The anteroom  has outstanding frescoes by Guglielmo Borremans.  One is “The escape of St. Peter from the Prison,” the other “The Glory of St. Peter.” There is also “Francis of Assisi,” “Achaio,” “Vincenzo de ‘Paoli,” and “Paolino.”

Oratorio della SS. Carita di San Piedro

 Oratorio della SS. Carita di San Piedro

Chiesa San Agostino 



Construction on the Romanesque Chiesa San Agostino (Chiesa di Sant’Agostino) is locally known as Santa Rita.  The building was built in the early 14th century . The rose window has 12 intersecting semi-circles and has an unusual trim that defines the entire otherwise plain facade.  The Gothic portal features arabesques (abstract patterns) and plant motifs. 

stucco statues by Serpotta


In the Park in St Petersburg Russia, acrylic painting

In the Park in St Petersburg Russia is set in a popular park along the river.  The ghost-like appearance of some people really struck me.  Russian faces, a bright brass steeple, a Kupka inspired background.  


In the Park in St Petersburg Russia, acrylics

Contrabass Player (drawing)

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Peggys in Vincent’s Field

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A painting made with Van Gogh’s wheat field paintings in mind.  Note:  you might need to click on the image to get more accurate colors.

Pegs in Vincent’s Field, acrylics, 57 x 76 cm, 22.5″ x 30″ Arches paper

Field with Woman

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Field with woman, acrylics, 57 x 76 cm, 22.5″ x 30″ Arches paper

Starting with a life drawing session, I added a some landscape with VanGogh’s wheat fields in mind, particularly Wheat Field With Lark (the muse), changing to the purple drippingness.  




Woman plays Lute

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Barcelona Jazz! Paintings

A celebration of two outstanding elements of Barcelona’s culture, jazz and Gaudi’s innovative designs at Casa Mila. The main, larger section represents the architecture, an inset the club scene, based on original on site pen and ink drawings at the Palau de la Musica. The brightness of the colors matches that of the music, the dance and movement the fullness of participation and unity.
Gaudi Jazz, acrylics, 40 x 30 xm, 11.5 x 16.5″


Gaudi Jazz, prints only




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