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Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich  (1874 St Petersburg-1947 Nagar India) was the teacher of a British American named Ralph Houstin, whom I followed during my Buddhist years.  He was a noted as a proponent of peace, painter, writer, archaeologist, and a theosophist.  He… Continue Reading →

Live at Sala Russafa- pen and ink drawings

This is the year-end performance of the Valencia campus of the Berklee School of Music in pen and ink. Dec 12-14, 2017.           Not at the Sala Russafa, this is a drawing from a music video. … Continue Reading →

Eclipsing Couple (in chiaroscuro)

Couple looks out of windows as the solar eclipse reaches its apex                    

Did Caravaggio Predict Trump (print) | Narcissus-Trumpcissus

Did Caravaggio Predict Trump” uses the image of my original acrylic painting Trumpcissus, available on my website.. This mixed media creation adds new dimensions to the painting by using a news style magazine cover.    Limited Edition (100) prints with… Continue Reading →

Couple in Vilnius

  Among the notable things in Vilnius, the capitol of Lithuania,  are the spires and the architecture, featured in the background of this painting.  Lithuania is nominally a Roman Catholic country, with 75% of the population purportedly members.  However the… Continue Reading →

The Specter of Russia

Fall in Riga, View from the Skylight With Self Portrait | acrylic painting of Riga

Riga, View from the Skylight This was the view via the skylight in a small cozy restaurant in Riga, capital of Latvia. You climb a circular staircase to the loft. Fall in

Some strange art and impressive art at the University of Vilnius

Petras Repšys  (1940) painted a rather strange set of scenes on the ceiling and walls of a room at the University of Vilnius.  It is worth a look.  He is a graduate of Vilnius Art Institute (1967)  Works in sheet, book,… Continue Reading →

Band at El Carmen | painting of band in monastery

Band at El Carmen, 12th century monastery in Valencia. They performed during an event I attended. These monasteries were once brightly painted, but not like this!  I have the freedom to decorate the Gothic arches as I please, and I… Continue Reading →

Artemesia Gentileschi, one of the best painters of the 1600’s and among the world’s best | Artemesia Gentileschi

Artemesia Gentileschi, one of few women painters in the 1600’s, and among the finest of either sex. Born in Florence in the Baroque era, Artemesia (1593 – c. 1656) was one of the finest painters of her day, and the only one… Continue Reading →

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