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Zambia, a short illustrated book about our visit to a small village

We flew with friends to Dar Es Salaam, the capitol of Tanzania, to go by train to Zambia.  The train trip was an adventure of its own.   Our destination was a tiny village where our nephew Travis worked as a Peace Corps volunteer, helping the locals build a damn for their fish farm.  

Zambia: Watercolors from the bush | zambia watercolor paintings

We visited the village where our nephew Travis worked as a Peace Corps volunteer. It was a fabulous visit despite the primitive conditions- the people were just so loving and friendly. These are the only ones I still have and I am offering them for the next week at special prices.   See blog on Zambia for […]

Zambian Peace Corp Project Announced- from the village where I did all those paintings

As you may recall we visited Zambia and while there we visited our nephew Travis who is a Peace Corps Volunteer.   One of the things they are working on is a dam and they need $3500 for concrete and things. If you have a spare $5-10 or $100, please chip in. In addition I will […]

The Zambia Series

The Zambia Series A few of these are still available.  Please contact me for information. From our safari to Zambia, June 2014. These paintings are mostly from my journal, which I did while we were there. Some of the very small ones I later did on larger paper, also in water color. We traveled by train […]

Video slide shows from a small village in Zambia- my favorite part of the journey

These photos are from our June 2014 visit to Zambia.  Our nephew is serving in the Peace Corps, following his brother in el Salvador and us in Panama.  The drawings in the video are from my journal, which I will publish.   This was my favorite part of the journey.  As spectacular as the animals were, […]

Tanzania to Solwezi, Zambia- a slideshow set to Zambian music

These are photos from the moment we landed in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, across 1500 km of Tanzania to Solwezi, Zambia, where we met up with Travis, who is serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a small village not far from Solwezi.  Coming up,  our days in his village.

Slideshow of the pieces I did in Tanzania and Zambia, completed to date

I will be adding quite a few more.      

Some watercolors from Zambia

Here are some of the drawings I have done here in Tanzania and Zambia.  We started in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania.   The countryside in Tanzania:                          


We often travel by train.  Our most exotic trip was the 54 hour journey on the rickety train between Tanzania and Zambia.   Train museums always merit a visit.             Contact me for prices on originals and prints

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